Individual, Firm-specific and Regional Effects on Internal Employment Trajectories in Germany. With Special Focus on Education, Further Training and Skill Formation

Professorship/Faculty: Political Sociology  ; Labour Studies  
Faculty/Professorship: Comparative Politics  
Author(s): Dütsch, Matthias ; Juhász, Zoltán ; Struck, Olaf  
Responsibility: von Matthias Dütsch, Zoltán J. Juhász und Olaf Struck ; Bertelsmann Stiftung
Corporate Body: Professur für Arbeitswissenschaft ; BACES
Publisher Information: Gütersloh : Bertelsmann Stiftung
Year of publication: 2011
Pages: 51 ; Illustrationen, Diagramme
Language(s): German
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Document Type: Book
Year of publication: 30. April 2014