Is it perceived as fair when craft unions exploit bottleneck positions? A quasi-experimental study

Professorship/Faculty: Labour Studies  
Author(s): Struck, Olaf  ; Stephan, Gesine; Pfeifer, Christian; Dütsch, Matthias
Corporate Body: Labor and Socio-Economic Research Center (LASER)
Publisher Information: Bamberg : opus
Year of publication: 2016
Pages: 10
Series ; Volume: LASER Discussion Papers ; 94
Language(s): English
Licence: German Act on Copyright 
URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:473-opus4-470578
Using vignettes, we analyze under which conditions workers perceive over-proportional wage increases for occupational groups that are represented by craft unions as (rather) fair. Perceptions depend on the burdens of the occupational group, the size of the wage increase, information policies, and potential consequences for other groups.
Document Type: Workingpaper
Year of publication: 9. December 2016

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