Construct Validity of the Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3 in Clinical Samples

Faculty/Professorship: Educational Psychology  
Author(s): Hock, Michael  ; Kemper, Christoph J.; Lutz, Johannes; Bähr, Tobias; Rüddel, Heinz
Title of the Journal: Assessment
ISSN: 1073-1911
Publisher Information: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publ.
Year of publication: 2012
Volume: 19
Issue: 1
Pages: 89-100 ; Illustrationen, Diagramme
Language(s): English
Using two clinical samples of patients, the presented studies examined the construct validity of the recently revised Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3 (ASI-3). Confirmatory factor analyses established a clear three-factor structure that corresponds to the postulated subdivision of the construct into correlated somatic, social, and cognitive components. Participants with different primary clinical diagnoses differed from each other on the ASI-3 subscales in theoretically meaningful ways. Specifically, the ASI-3 successfully discriminated patients with anxiety disorders from patients with nonanxiety disorders. Moreover, patients with panic disorder or agoraphobia manifested more somatic concerns than patients with other anxiety disorders and patients with nonanxiety disorders. Finally, correlations of the ASI-3 scales with other measures of clinical symptoms and negative affect substantiated convergent and discriminant validity. Substantial positive correlations were found between the ASI-3 Somatic Concerns and body vigilance, between Social Concerns and fear of negative evaluation and socially inhibited behavior, and between Cognitive Concerns and depression symptoms, anxiety, fear of negative evaluation, and subjective complaints. Moreover, Social Concerns correlated negatively with dominant and intrusive behavior. Results are discussed with respect to the contribution of the ASI-3 to the assessment of anxiety-related disorders.
Type: Article
Year of publication: 8. March 2013