"The Modernization of Public Education in the Ottoman Empire", and "Imperial Classroom; Islam, State, and Education in the Late Ottoman Empire" : Tilling fields: Fortna, Benjamin C., Imperial classroom : Islam, the state, and education in the late Ottoman empire. - 1. publ. : Oxford, 2002 / Somel, Selcuk Aksin, The modernization of public education in the Ottoman empire : 1839 - 1908 ; islamization, autocracy and discipline : Leiden u.a., 2001

Professorship/Faculty: Turkish Studies  
Authors: Reinkowski, Maurus
Responsibility: (rezensiert von) Maurus Reinkowski
Title of the compilation: The MIT Electronic Journal of Middle East Studies ( MIT-EJMES) : crossing boundaries: New perspectives on the Middle East. - 2 (2002), October. - 1 WORD-Datei (S. 21 - 23)
Year of publication: 2002
Language(s): German
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