Eighteenth century Eskimo land cessions in northern Labrador

Faculty/Professorship: Professur für Wirtschaftsgeographie 
Author(s): Treude, Erhard
Publisher Information: Bamberg : opus
Year of publication: 2014
Source/Other editions: In: The Musk ox a journal on the north / Institute for Northern Studies, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. Publ. by Department of Geological Sciences. – 26 (1980), S. 3 - 12. - ISSN 0077-2542
Year of first publication: 1980
Language(s): English
Remark: Retrodigitalisat
Licence: German Act on Copyright 
URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:473-opus4-102665
Type: Article
URI: https://fis.uni-bamberg.de/handle/uniba/6244
Year of publication: 1. July 2014

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