Bilinguisme Basco-Gascon en Basse-Navarre

Faculty/Professorship: Romance Linguistics  
Author(s): Haase, Martin  
Title of the compilation: Agiriak : [Louis Lucien Bonaparte, mendeurrena 1891 - 1991] = Actas del Congreso Internacional de Dialectología = Proceedings of International Congress on Dialectology
Editors: Aurrekoetxea, Gotzon
Conference: Nazioarteko Dialektologia Biltzarra, 1991, Bilbao
Publisher Information: Bilbo : Euskaltzaindia
Year of publication: 1992
Pages: 687-698
ISBN: 8485479688
Language(s): French
The aim of this paper is to present the socio-linguistic framework of Basque-Gascon bilingualism in Lower Navarra (more exactly in the Pays de Mixe). The prolonged bilinguism has not brought about the substitution of Basque by the Romanic language which surrounded it. On the socio-linguistic plane at least, it can be said that Gascon has played the role of a buffer between Basque and French. In this study, the linguistic consequences of this contact are dealt wlth, which are not limited to lexical loans and which are interesting because the big of the typological distance which separates both languages.
GND Keywords: Baskisch; Gaskonisch; Zweisprachigkeit
Keywords: Zweisprachigkeit
DDC Classification: 490 Other languages  
RVK Classification: EX 920     IK 3584   
Type: Conferenceobject
Release Date: 30. March 2023