Fair Tour Planning : Managing Parcel Logistics by Neural Networks

Author(s): Sentürk, Can; Lindner, Hans-Günter
Title of the compilation: Mobility in a Globalised World 2018
Editors: Sucky, Eric  ; Kolke, Reinhard; Biethahn, Niels; Werner, Jan; Vogelsang, Michael
Conference: 8th Conference on Mobility in a Globalised World, Mülheim a.d.R.
Publisher Information: Bamberg : University of Bamberg Press
Year of publication: 2019
Pages: 325-335
ISBN: 978-3-86309-662-5
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.20378/irb-58609
Licence: Creative Commons - CC BY - Attribution 4.0 International 
In times of high-frequency eCommerce, the value of parcel logistics grows continuously. Customers expect “sofortness” (instant delivery), which increases pressure on the whole delivery system. The ultimate performance driver is workforce. Teamwork is essential because only one conveyor belt exists to handle the whole process from collection to delivery; the “last mile” is the most complex part of the logistics process that must support fairness, rules, and compliance. We developed a platform to fulfill these requirements. An artificial neural network with deep learning characteristics builds clusters of logic and geographic segments. It helps to plan the delivery and to calculate the necessary performance per parcel and delivery stops. Daily controlling, automatic data preparation, and enrichment feed the artificial neural network. Finally, the application places segments sequentially to meet team fairness in a highly agile daily business of a logistics company in Luxemburg.
GND Keywords: Tourenplanung; Paketdienst; Logistik; Künstliche Intelligenz; Neuroinformatik
Keywords: Tour Planning, Parcel Service, Courier Market, Human Capital, Artificial Intelligence, Neurocomputing
DDC Classification: 650 Management & public relations  
RVK Classification: QP 530   
Type: Conferenceobject
URI: https://fis.uni-bamberg.de/handle/uniba/58609
Release Date: 16. May 2023

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