Literature reviews in IS research : What can be learnt from the past and other fields?

Author(s): Schryen, Guido; Benlian, Alexander; Rowe, Frantz; Gregor, Shirley; Larsen, Kai; Brandtzaeg, Petter Bae; Paré, Guy; Wagner, Gerit  ; Haag, Steffi; Yasasin, Emrah
Title of the Journal: Communications of the Association for Information Systems
ISSN: 1529-3181
Publisher Information: New York, NY : ACM
Year of publication: 2017
Volume: 41
Issue: 1
Pages: 759-774
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.17705/1CAIS.04130
Type: Article
Release Date: 17. October 2022