Pilot testing of an adaptive, individualized inhibitory control training for binge drinking : first evidence on feasibility, acceptance, and efficacy

Faculty/Professorship: Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy  
Author(s): Reichl, Daniela  ; Enewoldsen, Niklas ; Müller, Astrid; Steins-Löber, Sabine  
Title of the Journal: Psychological Research : an international journal of perception, attention, memory, and action = Psychologische Forschung
ISSN: 1430-2772, 0340-0727
Publisher Information: Berlin : Springer
Year of publication: 2022
Pages: 1-17
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.1007/s00426-022-01725-4
Type: Article
URI: https://fis.uni-bamberg.de/handle/uniba/55929
Release Date: 12. October 2022