Public Announcement Logic in HOL

Author(s): Reiche, Sebastian; Benzmüller, Christoph  
Title of the compilation: Dynamic Logic : New Trends and Applications
Volume Number/Title: 12569
Title of the Journal: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Editors: Martin, Manuel A.; Sedlar, Igor
ISSN: 1611-3349, 0302-9743
Conference: Third International Workshop, DaLí 2020 Prague, Czech Republic, October 9-10, 2020, Prague, Czech Republic
Publisher Information: Cham : Springer
Year of publication: 2020
Issue: 12569
Pages: 222-238
ISBN: 978-3-030-65840-3
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-65840-3_14
Peer Reviewed: Ja
International Distribution: Ja
Type: Conferenceobject
Release Date: 22. September 2022