New Determination of the Value of Vocational and Higher Education? : Employees' Educational Choices, Careers and Labour Market Outcomes in Germany

Faculty/Professorship: Economics and Business Education  
Author(s): Annen, Silvia ; Tiemann, Michael
Editors: Nägele, Christof; Stalder, Barbara E.; Weich, Miriam
Conference: European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), 23 - 25 August 2022 (in-person) 01 - 10 September 2022 ECER Plus, Yerevan, Armenia
Publisher Information: Zenodo
Year of publication: 2021
Pages: 6
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4607454
Type: Conferenceobject
Release Date: 31. August 2022