The Relationship of Shopping-Related Decisions with Materialistic Values Endorsement, Compulsive Buying-Shopping Disorder Symptoms and Everyday Moral Decision Making

Faculty/Professorship: Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy  
Author(s): Müller, Astrid; Georgiadou, Ekaterini; Birlin, Annika; Laskowski, Nora M.; Jimenez-Murcia, Susana; Fernández-Aranda, Fernando; Hillemacher, Thomas; Zwaan, Martina de; Brand, Matthias; Steins-Löber, Sabine  
Title of the Journal: International journal of environmental research and public health : IJERPH
ISSN: 1660-4601
Corporate Body: MDPI AG
Publisher Information: Basel
Year of publication: 2022
Volume: 19
Issue: 7, 4376
Pages: 1-15
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.3390/ijerph19074376
Background: Compulsive buying-shopping disorder (CBSD) is associated with high materialistic values endorsement and excessive purchasing of consumer goods. A subgroup of individuals with CBSD engage in socially unacceptable behaviors to continue shopping despite negative consequences. This investigation aimed at exploring possible links between ego-oriented shopping-related decisions, materialism, symptoms of CBSD and close-to-everyday moral decision making. Methods: In study 1, patients with CBSD were interviewed to develop a list of conflict situations, capturing typical shopping-related dilemmas. In study 2, the shopping-related dilemmas from study 1, standardized close-to-everyday moral dilemmas, the Material Values Scale and Pathological Buying Screener were administered to a web-based convenience sample (n = 274). Results: The main effects of a moderated hierarchical regression analysis revealed an association of more ego-oriented shopping-related decisions with both higher materialistic values endorsement and more CBSD symptoms, but not with everyday moral decision-making. However, a more egoistic everyday moral decision making style moderated the effect of CBSD symptoms on ego-oriented shopping related decisions. Conclusions: The findings indicate that a more egoistic everyday moral decision making style is not directly linked to domain-specific shopping-related decision making but strengthens the link between symptoms of CBSD and ego-oriented shopping-related decisions.
GND Keywords: Kaufsucht
Keywords: compulsive buying-shopping disorder; shopping decisions; materialism; Pathological Buying Screener; moral decision-making
DDC Classification: 150 Psychology  
RVK Classification: CU 3500   
Type: Article
Release Date: 26. August 2022