Preferences for hotels with biophilic design attributes during post COVID-19 era

Faculty/Professorship: General Psychology and Methodology  
Author(s): Khozaei, Fatemeh; Carbon, Claus-Christian  ; Hosseini Nia, Mahdieh; Kim, Mi Jeong
Title of the Journal: Buildings
ISSN: 2075-5309
Publisher Information: Basel : MDPI
Year of publication: 2022
Volume: 12
Issue: 4
Pages: 427-439
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.3390/buildings12040427
Since the COVID-19 crisis has caused the cancellation of a great number of travel plans in the last two years, this study examines the prospects of the post-COVID-19 era, during which we expect tourism will return strongly. The impact of the epidemic on people’s attitudes toward tourism, particularly their tourist choices, appears to be a major challenge for post-COVID-19 international tourism development. Very little is known about tourists’ accommodation preferences during the period emerging after the COVID-19 crisis. With a long and challenging experience of lockdowns, stress, and fear of disease, the current study attempts to examine peoples’ preferences for hotel attributes during the post-COVID-19 era. It examines factors contributing to peoples’ preferences for hotels with biophilic attributes. A total of 507 Iranian undergraduate and graduate students participated in the study. They answered questions on their perceived stress, level of depression, the specific burden of COVID-19, the perceived benefits of nature, and their preferences for biophilic design attributes in their accommodation. The online survey was conducted from August to October 2021. We found that the burden of COVID-19 increased the stress level of the respondents, which consequently increased the chance of depression. We further found that perceived stress and the benefits of nature significantly affect tourists’ preferences for exposure to nature and hotels with biophilic attributes. Based on the data, we suggest that the demand for biophilic buildings will be strongly increased during the post-COVID-19 era.
GND Keywords: Tourismus; Hotel; Innenarchitektur; COVID-19; Wahrnehmungspsychologie
Keywords: biophilic architecture, depression, tourism, wellbeing, stress, hotel design
DDC Classification: 150 Psychology  
RVK Classification: CP 2000   
Peer Reviewed: Ja
International Distribution: Ja
Type: Article
Release Date: 25. August 2022