How leaders benefit from engaging in high-quality leader-member exchanges : a daily diary study

Faculty/Professorship: Work and Organisational Psychology  
Author(s): Richter-Killenberg, Stefanie  ; Volmer, Judith  
Title of the Journal: Journal of Managerial Psychology
ISSN: 0268-3946, 1758-7778
Publisher Information: Bradford : Emerald
Year of publication: 2022
Issue: Online First
Pages: 1-42
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.1108/jmp-06-2021-0370
Drawing from the conservation of resources theory and the success resource model of job stress, the authors investigated the role of leader behaviours in the context of leader-member exchanges (LMXs) as a driver of leaders' job-related well-being and recovery. Specifically, they hypothesised positive affect and perceived competence as potential mechanisms enhancing leaders' job satisfaction and psychological detachment.

Daily diary data were collected from 85 leaders over five consecutive working days (376 daily observations) and analysed using multilevel path analyses.

Leader LMX behaviours were positively associated with leaders' positive affect and perceived competence at work at the person and day levels. Additionally, results provided support for most of the assumed indirect effects of leader LMX behaviours on leaders' job satisfaction and psychological detachment via positive affect and perceived competence.

Practical implications
Leadership development activities should raise leaders' awareness of the relevance of resourceful interactions with followers for leaders' own well-being. Organisations should create a working environment that facilitates high-quality exchanges amongst their members. The current trend towards increasing digital and less face-to-face collaboration may pose a risk to this important resource source for leaders.

These findings emphasise the day-to-day variation in leadership behaviours and that leaders' engagement in high-quality leader-follower interactions has the potential to stimulate a resource-building process for the benefit of leaders themselves.
GND Keywords: Management; Arbeitszufriedenheit
Keywords: leadership, leader-member exchange, leader well-being, diary study, positive affect, perceived competence, job satisfaction, psychological detachment
DDC Classification: 150 Psychology  
RVK Classification: CW 4600   
Peer Reviewed: Ja
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Type: Article
Release Date: 21. July 2022