Live Text Coverage of Political Events : Combining Content and Corpus-based Discourse Analysis

Faculty/Professorship: Communication Studies  ; English and Historical Linguistics  
Author(s): Michael, Hendrik  ; Werner, Valentin  
Title of the compilation: Proceedings of the 8th Conference on CMC and Social Media Corpora for the Humanities
Editors: Hendrickx, Iris; Verheijen, Lieke; van de Wijngaert, Lidwien
Corporate Body: Radbound University
Conference: 8th Conference on CMC and Social Media Corpora for the Humanities, Nimwegen, NIederlande
Publisher Information: Nimwegen, NIederlande : Radboud University
Year of publication: 2021
Pages: 66-70
Language(s): English
Live text (LT) has emerged as a web-native CMC alternative to traditional forms of live broadcasting. Through a combined content and corpus-based discourse analysis of the LT coverage of a major political event (the 2020 US presidential debates), the present study tests (i) how current LTs emphasize transparency and accountability, and (ii) how they are a form of journalistic communication that normalizes professional norms of objectivity in hybrid media settings. Political LT emerges as multi-layered and multi-authored discourse that places strong emphasis on accountability and disclosure transparency by updating and linking information, while maintaining the journalistic gatekeeping/gatewatching function. Linguistically, it is characterized by an informal tone but also by a continuation of traditional news media practices as regards objectivity, as instantiated by the salience of debate topics and political terms and – unlike the more widely studied sports LT – by a clear delineation of information from opinion and contextualization.
GND Keywords: Politische Kommunikation; Weblog
Keywords: online news, live text, live blogging, political journalism, digital journalism, media studies, media linguistics
DDC Classification: 070 News media, journalism & publishing  
RVK Classification: AP 14150     AP 18420   
Type: Conferenceobject
Release Date: 12. May 2022