The Atlas of the Languages of Iran (ALI): A Research Overview

Faculty/Professorship: General Linguistics  
Author(s): Anonby, Erik; Taheri-Ardali, Mortaza; Hayes, Amos
Publisher Information: Bamberg : Otto-Friedrich-Universität
Year of publication: 2022
Pages: 199-230
Source/Other editions: Iranian Studies, 52 (2022), 1/2, S. 199-230 - ISSN: 1475-4819, ISSN: 0021-0862
is version of: 10.1080/00210862.2019.1573135
Year of first publication: 2019
Language(s): English
Licence: Creative Commons - CC BY-NC-ND - Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivatives 4.0 International 
URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:473-irb-537659
There have been a number of important efforts to map out the languages of Iran, but until now no language atlas, or even a comprehensive and detailed country-level language map, has been produced. One of the recent initiatives which aims to fill this gap is the online Atlas of the Languages of Iran (ALI) ( This article delineates objectives of the ALI research programme, atlas architecture, research methodology, and preliminary results that have been generated. Specific topics of interest are the structure and content of the linguistic data questionnaire; the handling of contrasting perspectives about the status of “languages” and “dialects” through a flexible multi-dimensional classification web; and the role of ongoing comparisons between language distribution assessments and hard linguistic data.
GND Keywords: Iran; Sprache; Sprachatlas
Keywords: Iranic (Iranian) Languages, Turkic Languages, language documentation, language mapping, language classification, atlas design and construction, linguistic data questionnaire
DDC Classification: 490 Other languages  
RVK Classification: EV 2210     EH 2120   
Type: Article
Release Date: 13. May 2022

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