Reading Competence Development of Poor Readers in a German Elementary School Sample : An Empirical Examination of the Matthew-effect Model

Faculty/Professorship: Empirical Educational Research 
Author(s): Pfost, Maximilian  ; Dörfler, Tobias; Artelt, Cordula  
Title of the Journal: Journal of research in reading : a journal of the United Kingdom Reading Association
ISSN: 0141-0423
Publisher Information: Oxford [u.a.] : Wiley-Blackwell
Year of publication: 2012
Volume: 35
Issue: 4
Pages: 411-426
Language(s): English
Article first published online: 12 JAN 2011
DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9817.2010.01478.x
Type: Article
Release Date: 30. March 2022