An Examination of an Interviewer-Respondent Matching Protocol in a Longitudinal CATI Study

Faculty/Professorship: Survey Methodology  
Author(s): West, Brady; Elliott, Michael R.; Mneimneh, Zeina; Wagner, James; Peytchev, Andy; Trappmann, Mark
Title of the Journal: Journal of survey statistics and methodology : JSSAM
ISSN: 2325-0992, 2325-0984
Corporate Body: AAPOR, American Association for Public Opinion Research
American Statistical Association
Publisher Information: Oxford : Oxford University Press
Year of publication: 2020
Volume: 8
Issue: 2
Pages: 304-324
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.1093/jssam/smy028
Type: Article
Release Date: 1. March 2022