Sharing and the Democratic Form of Human Life

Faculty/Professorship: Philosophy  
Author(s): Pape, Helmut
Title of the Journal: European journal of pragmatism and American philosophy : EJPAP
ISSN: 2036-4091
Publisher Information: Rom : Associazone Pragma
Year of publication: 2020
Volume: XII
Issue: 2
Pages: 1-23
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.4000/ejpap.2096
In this paper I argue that a strong concept of sharing – a close interactive relation that pre-consciously allows humans to grasp themselves and each other as human – is crucial for the human form of life. This concept of sharing is used to reconstruct some of Peirce’s insights. Sharing is no part of Peirce’s account of person, morality and interpersonal relations. But his rhetorical analysis of assertion as close, indexical interaction shows that sharing is necessary in semiotics and pragmatism. The concept of sharing is used to reconstruct his metaphysics of evolutionary agape love and sympathetic relations as a selection principle of commonly pursued purposes. Finally, sharing is shown to have economic meaning: the form of life in which humans may satisfy their needs may consist in sharing directly the necessities of life with each other. If humans live together and develop projects and purposes with one another because they share with one another what is here and now, democracy is needed: as the only form of government that allows for free and equal participation of the people.
GND Keywords: Partizipation; Teilen; Demokratie; Pragmatismus
Keywords: concept of sharing, rhetorical analysis, participation, democracy
DDC Classification: 100 Philosophy  
RVK Classification: CI 1110   
Type: Article
Release Date: 28. February 2022