Religion and Socialism in the Long 1960s : From Antithesis to Dialogue in Eastern and Western Europe

Faculty/Professorship: Modern and Contemporary History  
Author(s): Tóth, Heléna ; Weir, Todd H.
Title of the Journal: Contemporary European History
ISSN: 1469-2171, 0960-7773
Publisher Information: Cambridge [u.a.] : Cambridge Univ. Press
Year of publication: 2020
Volume: 29
Issue: 2
Pages: 127-138
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.1017/S0960777320000077
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GND Keywords: Europa; Christentum; Marxismus; Christlicher Sozialismus; Geschichte 1960-1969
Keywords: religion, socialism, history
DDC Classification: 300 Social sciences, sociology & anthropology  
RVK Classification: MS 6750   
Type: Article
Release Date: 25. February 2022