Better, Faster, Stronger : The Evolution of Co-authorship in International Management Research Between 1990 and 2016

Faculty/Professorship: Sociological Theory  
Author(s): Wieczorek, Oliver ; Eckl, Markus; Bausch, Madeleine; Radisch, Erik; Barmeyer, Christoph; Rehbein, Malte
Title of the Journal: Sage open
ISSN: 2158-2440
Publisher Information: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publ.
Year of publication: 2021
Volume: 11
Issue: 4
Pages: 1–15
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.1177/21582440211061561
As a border-transcending discipline, the advancement of international management research depends on collaboration between scholars, universities, and nations to account for the diversity and complexity of management phenomena. Yet, relatively little is known about how international management has evolved as a field of research. We address this gap by examining the evolution of collaboration patterns on three levels of analysis, applying the concepts of cumulative advantage, preferential attachment, and isomorphic behavior in a diachronic network analysis. Based on 6,874 articles published between 1990 and 2016 in eight international management journals, our analysis shows that collaboration is driven by a few key players on each level. Although the US and UK still represent hubs, semi-peripheral actors from Europe and Asia enter the landscape. Nevertheless, non-western actors are still underrepresented. We tie this effect to the expertise-based hegemonic status of American and British business schools and dynamics of cumulative advantage on country-level.
GND Keywords: Internationales Management; Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift; Mitverfasser; Netzwerkanalyse <Soziologie>
Keywords: international management research, social network analysis, co-authorship academic journals, network dynamics
DDC Classification: 300 Social sciences, sociology & anthropology  
000 Knowledge & systems  
RVK Classification: AK 28300   
Type: Article
Release Date: 20. January 2022
Project: ABD - Aufbruch, Abbruch, oder Durchbruch? Erforschung akademischer Karrieren