Self-Initiated Repatriation At The Interplay Between Field, Capital, And Habitus: An Analysis Based On Bourdieu's Theory Of Practice

Professorship/Faculty: Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour  
Authors: Andresen, Maike ; Walther, Matthias; Nowak, Christian
Year of publication: 2012
Language(s): English
EURAM 12th Conference Theme: Social Innovation for Competitiveness, Organizational Performance and Human Excellence ; 6th - 8th June 2012, Rotterdam ; Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University / Tracks & Papers / Download the Papers (password-protected area) / Full Programme online / Papers: OT47S7
Document Type: Conferenceobject
Keywords: Repatriation, Comparative, Qualitative
Release Date: 16. October 2012
Project: Selbst-initiiert Auslandstätige: Karriereerwartungen, -pfade, -erfolge, Beschäftigungsfähigkeit