The R Package emdi for Estimating and Mapping Regionally Disaggregated Indicators

Faculty/Professorship: Statistics and Econometrics  
Author(s): Kreutzmann, Ann-Kristin; Pannier, Sörenm; Rojas‐Perilla, Natalia; Schmid, Timo ; Templ, Matthias; Tzavidis, Nikos
Title of the Journal: Journal of statistical software
ISSN: 1548-7660
Corporate Body: UCLA, Dept. of Statistics
Publisher Information: Los Angeles, Calif.
Year of publication: 2019
Volume: 91
Issue: 7
Pages: 1–33
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.18637/jss.v091.i07
Type: Article
Release Date: 26. November 2021