The Variation of English in Guernsey/Channel Islands

Faculty/Professorship: English and Historical Linguistics  ; Frühere Fakultät Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften: Abschlussarbeiten 
Author(s): Ramisch, Heinrich
Publisher Information: Bamberg : Otto-Friedrich-Universität
Year of publication: 2021
Pages: VII, 211 ; Illustrationen, Karten
Edition: 2
Series ; Volume: Bamberger Beiträge zur Englischen Sprachwissenschaft ; 24(2) 
Supervisor(s): Viereck, Wolfgang; Bollée, Annegret
Year of first publication: 1988
Language(s): English
Dissertation, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, 1988
DOI: 10.20378/irb-52150
Licence: Creative Commons - CC BY - Attribution 4.0 International 
URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:473-irb-521501
This Ph.D. dissertation portrays the linguistic situation of the Channel Islands from a diachronic point of view: the language contact between English and Norman French and the process of anglicization of the islands during the 19th and 20th centuries.
The main concern of the study is an examination of the variety of English spoken in Guernsey on the basis of interviews with 40 selected informants. The analysis includes grammatical, phonological and lexical features, and discusses the influence of other varieties of English and of the local Norman French dialect (Guernesiais).
GND Keywords: Guernsey; Kanalinseln; Englisch; Mundart; Mundart Normannisch <Guernsey>; Sprachkontakt; Soziolinguistik; Geschichte 1800-1999
Keywords: English in the Channel Islands, the sociolinguistic situation in Guernsey, language contact in the Channel Islands, the variation of English in Guernsey, Norman French in the Channel Islands, Grammatical, phonological and lexical features in Guernsey English
DDC Classification: 420 English  
RVK Classification: HE 163     ID 8126   
Type: Doctoralthesis
Release Date: 22. December 2021

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