Introduction : Recognizing space, time and institutions in self-initiated expatriation research

Professorship/Faculty: Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour  
Authors: Andresen, Maike ; Brewster, Chris; Suutari, Vesa
Title of the compilation: Self-initiated expatriates in context : recognizing space, time and institutions
Editors: Andresen, Maike ; Brewster, Chris; Suutari, Vesa
Publisher Information: New York, NY ; London : Routledge
Year of publication: 2020
Pages / Size: 1-16
ISBN: 9780429352690
Language(s): English
Document Type: Contribution to an Articlecollection
Release Date: 19. November 2020
Project: Selbst-initiiert Auslandstätige: Karriereerwartungen, -pfade, -erfolge, Beschäftigungsfähigkeit