Das verflixte /ʁ/

Faculty/Professorship: Romance Linguistics  
Author(s): Haase, Martin  
Title of the compilation: Contact, variation and change in Romance and beyond : Studies in honor of Trudel Meisenburg = Kontakt, Variation und Wandel in und jenseits der Romania : Festschrift für Trudel Meisenburg
Editors: Gabriel, Christoph; Pešková, Andrea; Selig, Maria
Publisher Information: Berlin : Erich Schmidt Verlag
Year of publication: 2020
Pages: 625-634
ISBN: 978-3-50-319168-0
Language(s): German
URL: https://ESV.info/978-3-503-19168-0
Since the 1960s, the French sonorant /ʀ/ has predominantly been pronounced [ʁ] in common French. Although dictionaries seem to imply that this is a mere phonetic variant (giving [ʀ] or even [r] in their transcription), the phonological behavior has changed too, since the new sound undergoes assimilation rules for fricatives. It is there- fore more consistently described as underlying /ʁ/, not being a sonorant any more even at the phonological level, but an obstruent. On the other hand, when /ʁ/ appears as the context of assimilation rules, it still behaves like a sonorant. Some proposals are made to tackle this problem.
GND Keywords: Französisch ; Phonetik
Keywords: phonetics, French
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Release Date: 2. June 2020