Perceived information sensitivity and interdependent privacy protection: a quantitative study

Faculty/Professorship: Information Systems and Services  
Author(s): Wirth, Jakob; Maier, Christian ; Laumer, Sven ; Weitzel, Tim  
Title of the Journal: Electronic markets : EM ; the international journal of electronic commerce and business media
ISSN: 1422-8890
Publisher Information: Berlin ; Heidelberg : Springer
Year of publication: 2019
Issue: First Online: 14 March 2019
Pages: 20 ; Online-Ressource
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.1007/s12525-019-00335-0
From a theoretical point of view, previous research has considered information sensitivity in terms of potential negative consequences for someone who has disclosed information to others and that information becomes public. However, making information public could also have negative consequences for other individuals as well. In this study, we extend the concept of information sensitivity to include negative consequences for other individuals and apply it in a quantitative research study. The results prove that the extended concept of information sensitivity leads to a better understanding of privacy-related concepts especially in an interdependent privacy setting. We contribute to theory by defining the extended concept of information sensitivity and by drawing conclusions on how to use it in future privacy research studies.
Keywords: Privacy, Information sensitivity, Communication privacy management theory, Interdependent privacy, Motivation to comply
Type: Article
Year of publication: 2. September 2019