Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation. Methods of Teaching and Learning This M.Sc. Degree, Unique in Germany

Professorship/Faculty: Cultural Informatics  ; Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation  
Author(s): Hess, Mona  ; Schlieder, Christoph  ; Troi, Alexandra; Huth, Olaf; Jagfeld, Matthias; Hindmarch, John ; Henrich, Andreas  
Title of the compilation: Proceedings of the 1st International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Digital Environments for Education, Arts and Heritage : EARTH 2018
Editors: Luigini, Alessandro
Publisher Information: Cham : Springer
Year of publication: 2019
Pages: 53-63
ISBN: 978-3-030-12240-9
Series ; Volume: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-12240-9_7
Document Type: Contribution to an Articlecollection
Year of publication: 4. June 2019