Requirements for a Companion System to Support Identifying Irrelevancy

Faculty/Professorship: Cognitive Systems  
Author(s): Siebers, Michael  ; Göbel, Kyra; Niessen, Cornelia; Schmid, Ute  
Title of the compilation: 2017 International Conference on Companion Technology (ICCT)
Corporate Body: International Conference on Companion Technology (ICCT), Ulm, Germany, 11-13 Sept. 2017
Publisher Information: IEEE
Year of publication: 2017
Pages: Online-Ressource
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.1109/COMPANION.2017.8287076
Though forgetting seems to be an everyday hassle, forgetting information not needed in the current context is helpful, even necessary. Such unneeded information is irrelevant to your current task at best, and at worst, deteriorates performance. For example, when writing a computer program in C#, you should temporarily forget your Java knowledge, since these programming languages are similar but not quite the same. Bjork, Bjork, and Anderson summarize this type of forgetting under the term goal-directed forgetting.
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Year of publication: 8. August 2018