The role of education institutions for the transition from education to work : A European comparative perspective

Faculty/Professorship: Methods of Empirical Social Research  
Author(s): Gebel, Michael  
Title of the compilation: Inequalities and social (dis)integration: In search of togetherness. Jubilee collection in honor of Prof. Rumiana Stoilova
Editors: Boyadijieva, Pepka; Kanoushev, Martin; Ivanov, Martin
Publisher Information: Sofia : Iztok-Zapad
Year of publication: 2018
Pages: 181-200
Edition: 1
ISBN: 978-619-01-0188-8
Language(s): English
Keywords: education institutions, tertiary education, vocational education, school-to-work transition, Europe
Peer Reviewed: Nein
International Distribution: Nein
Type: Contribution to an Articlecollection
Year of publication: 27. June 2018