Continuous glucose monitoring: A training programme for all age groups

Professorship/Faculty: Lehrstuhl für Klinische Psychologie/Psychotherapie
Author(s): Thurm, Ulrike; Gehr, Bernhard; Holder, Martin; Kulzer, Bernhard ; Lange, Karin; Liebl, Andreas; Sahm, Caudia; von Sengbusch, Simone; Schlüter, Sandra; Siegmund, Thorsten; Ziegler, Ralph; Freckmann, Guido; Heinemann, Lutz
Pages / Size: Seite 26-31
Title of the Journal: International Diabetes Nursing
Language(s): English
ISSN: 2057-3316
Publisher Information: London [u.a.]
Issue: 14 (2017), 1: Special Issue: Current Issues in the Care of the Older Person with Diabetes
Publisher Information: Taylor & Francis
Year of publication: 2017
Optimal usage of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) requires adequate preparation and training. Patients using a CGM system without special training often do not achieve their intended improvement of metabolic control. Some stop using the system due to disappointing results. For this reason a structured training programme called ‘SPECTRUM’ was developed in Germany to ensure a high-quality standard for the initiation of CGM systems. This programme is suitable for patients of all age groups and is applicable to all CGM systems and all forms of insulin therapy. Structured curricula (adults, parents of young children, adolescents) were developed enabling diabetes centres with less experience to offer comprehensive CGM training. Key requirements of SPECTRUM were (1) independent from manufactures and (2) product-neutrality enabling certification for reimbursement after formal evaluation within the framework of a large clinical trial. SPECTRUM was published in January 2016 in German and translations into other languages are planned.
Keywords: Continuous glucose monitoring, CGM, Education programme, Diabetes, Children
DOI: 10.1080/20573316.2017.1335970
Licence: German Act on Copyright
Peer Reviewed: Ja
International Distribution: Ja
Document Type: Article
Release date: 13. June 2018

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