‘Aslına Bakılırsa, Sahipsiz Kalmış Durumda’: Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi’nin ‘Terk Edilmiş Mülk Kanunu’ Görüşmelerinde Metin ve Altmetin (1921–1922)

Faculty/Professorship: Turkish Studies  
Author(s): Morack, Ellinor  
Editors: Şekeryan, Ararat; Taşçı, Nvart
Title of the compilation: Yok Edilen Medeniyet : Geç Osmanlı ve Erken Cumhuriyet Dönemlerinde Gayrimüslim Varlığı
Corporate Body: Hrant Dink Foundation
Publisher Information: Istanbul : Hrant Dink Vakfı Yayınları
Year of publication: 2017
Pages: 215-225
Edition: 1
ISBN: 978-605-67106-3-6
Language(s): Turkish
This article provides a close reading of the parliamentary discussions surrounding the so-called 'abandoned property law' in the Turkish National Assembly, which lasted for more than a year (1921-22). This paper studies the reasons for this prolongued discussion, arguing that deputies were struggling to understand the sub-text of the law, which, unlike the text itself, was not at all favorable for the actual owners of abandoned property in what would soon become the Republic of Turkey. As some few deputies argued, the bill also contradicted all known conceptions of law and legality.
Keywords: law; legality; legislation; Turkey; Ottoman Empire; Turkish National Assembly; parliamentary debates; abandoned property; Armenian Genocide; Sharia law;
Peer Reviewed: Nein
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Type: Conferenceobject
URI: https://fis.uni-bamberg.de/handle/uniba/43290
Year of publication: 22. February 2018