Creating and Developing Luxury Brands in China

Professorship/Faculty: Lehrstuhl für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insbesondere Innovationsmanagement 
Author(s): Sperber, Sonja; Heine, Klaus; Nobbs, Karinna
Pages / Size: Elektonische Ressource
Language(s): English
Corporate Body: ECCH – The Case Centre
Babson College
Publisher Information: Wellesley
Year of publication: 2013
Series ; Volume: Case ; Reference no. 513-102-1
The luxury business community in China is already rapidly emerging with many Chinese business people dreaming about creating their own Chinese luxury brand, not only to make money, but also because of their strong fascination of luxury and even to bring pride to their company and country. The main objective of this case collection is to analyse the major challenges and strategies for the creation and development of luxury brands in China with reference also to their stage in the brand lifecycle. The collection covers eight very diverse and especially instructive case studies including Charles Philip Shanghai, Gieves & Hawkes / Trinity, NE TIGER, Seagull, Shanghai VIVE, Shang Xia, She Ji-Sorgere, and Sheme. Each of them represents a major luxury market entrance strategy and highlights typical success factors for luxury brand building in China. The cases allow for the discussion of many essential luxury branding strategies including identity-driven brand management, brand revival, brand revitalisation and brand stretching / extension. Case materials contain extensive teaching notes also including MS PowerPoint charts with all pictures used in the case studies and many additional examples and figures explaining major success factors and luxury branding strategies.
Keywords: Luxury, China, Entrepreneurship, Success factor, Brand building, Brand management, Brand identity, Brand revival, Brand revitalisation, Brand extension
Document Type: Other
Release date: 28. November 2017

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