Meta Modeling for Business Process Improvement

Faculty/Professorship: Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik, insbes. Systementwicklung und Datenbankanwendung 
Author(s): Johannsen, Florian; Fill, Hans-Georg
Title of the Journal: Business and Information Systems Engineering
ISSN: 0937-6429
Publisher Information: Wiesbaden : Springer Fachmedien
Year of publication: 2017
Volume: 59
Issue: 4
Pages: 251-275
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.1007/s12599-017-0477-1
Conducting business process improvement (BPI) initiatives is a topic of high priority for today’s companies. However, performing BPI projects has become challenging. This is due to rapidly changing customer requirements and an increase of inter-organizational business processes, which need to be considered from an end-to-end perspective. In addition, traditional BPI approaches are more and more perceived as overly complex and too resource-consuming in practice. Against this background, the paper proposes a BPI roadmap, which is an approach for systematically performing BPI projects and serves practitioners’ needs for manageable BPI methods. Based on this BPI roadmap, a domain-specific conceptual modeling method (DSMM) has been developed. The DSMM supports the efficient documentation and communication of the results that emerge during the application of the roadmap. Thus, conceptual modeling acts as a means for purposefully codifying the outcomes of a BPI project. Furthermore, a corresponding software prototype has been implemented using a meta modeling platform to assess the technical feasibility of the approach. Finally, the usability of the prototype has been empirically evaluated.
Keywords: Meta Modeling, Conceptual Modeling, Business Process
Peer Reviewed: Ja
International Distribution: Ja
Type: Article
Year of publication: 11. December 2017