Party choices among immigrants and visible minorities in comparative perspective

Professorship/Faculty: Comparative Politics  
Author(s): Saalfeld, Thomas  ; Bergh, Johannes; Bird, Karen; Bjørklund, Tor; Delwit, Pascal; Jacobs, Dirk; Jenny, Marcelo; Michon, Laure; Mikkelsen, Flemming; Pérez Nievas, Santiago; Tahvilzadeh, Nazem; Tiberj, Vincent; Tillie, Jean; Wüst, Andreas M.
Title of the compilation: The political representation of immigrants and minorities : voters, parties and parliaments in liberal democracies
Editors: Bird, Karen; Wüst, Andreas M.; Saalfeld, Thomas  
Publisher Information: New York u.a.
Year of publication: 2011
Pages: 66 - 106
Edition: 1. publ.
ISBN: 9780415492720
Language(s): English
Document Type: Contribution to an Articlecollection
metadata.ubg.intern.opusdatepublished: 30. April 2014