Why do individuals block online ads? : An explorative study to explain the use of ad blockers

Professorship/Faculty: Information Systems and Services  
Author(s): Mattke, Jens ; Reis, Lea  ; Maier, Christian  
By: Müller, Lea 
Title of the compilation: Proceedings: Twenty-third Americas Conference on Information Systems, Boston, 2017
Corporate Body: Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)
Publisher Information: AIS Electronic Library (AISeL)
Year of publication: 2017
Pages: Online-Ressource
Language(s): English
URL: http://aisel.aisnet.org/amcis2017/AdoptionIT/Pr...
Ad blockers are a challenging trend for online publishers, as an increasing number of individuals use ad blockers. To understand why individuals switch to the use of ad blockers, this research presents empirical findings that explain why individuals develop switching intentions. Based on migration theory, we explain that individuals' intention to switch to the use of ad blockers are grounded in factors that pull individuals to use ad blockers, push them away from not using ad blockers, and mooring factors either hinder switching intention or determine how pull and push factors are translated in switching intentions. We conducted 42 interviews and identified relative user experience, increased performance, improved privacy protection and improved security as pull factors, dissatisfaction with online ads as push factor and computer self-efficacy as mooring factor. This contributes to theory by providing an explanation why individuals develop to ad blocker users.
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URI: https://fis.uni-bamberg.de/handle/uniba/42284
Year of publication: 1. August 2017