Picking the Right One in a Transient World

Professorship/Faculty: Political Sociology  
Authors: Schultz, Dan; Jungherr, Andreas
Title of the compilation: Digital Activism Decoded : The New Mechanics of Change
Editors: Joyce, Mary
Corporate Body: International Debate Education Association
Publisher Information: New York
Year of publication: 2010
Pages / Size: S. 33 - 45
ISBN: 978-1-932716-60-3
Year of first publication: 2010
Language(s): English
URL: http://books.google.de/books?id=w3AOzoq7VfIC&pr...
Document Type: Contribution to an Articlecollection
URI: https://fis.uni-bamberg.de/handle/uniba/422
Release Date: 31. July 2012