Im Namen der Altstadt. Stadtplanung zwischen Modernisierung und Identitätspolitik. Einführung in eine wechselhafte Geschichte

Professorship/Faculty: Heritage Conservation  
Author(s): Vinken, Gerhard  
Title of the compilation: Produkt Altstadt : historische Stadtzentren in Städtebau und Denkmalpflege
Editors: Vinken, Gerhard  ; Enss, Carmen M.  
Publisher Information: Bielefeld : Transcript
Year of publication: 2016
Pages: 9-26
Edition: 1
ISBN: 978-3-8376-3537-9
Series ; Volume: Urban studies
Language(s): Other Language
Appreciation for the qualities of "old town" centres is growing worldwide, and is doing so in two ways. On the one hand there is evidence of a renewed interest in and attention to existing historic cities, and on the other, efforts to create new urban areas with "old town" character are observable in many locations. These two phenomena are usually discussed separately, but are they in fact connected, and if so, how? The distinguishability of historic city centres from their replicas and surrogates appears in any case to be fading or becoming irrelevant. At the same time, it is apparent that this broad movement aims at achieving very different qualities and draws on a variety of very different sources. The palette ranges from desires to recapture and recreate visual effects or to exploit historically-themed architecture for purely marketing purposes, to more complex efforts to revive the qualities of the traditional European city, in the manner of postmodern corrective interventions and critical reconstructions, or along New Urbanist lines. Site-specific and typological approaches are juxtaposed with simple copies of facades and reconstructions of all kinds. The role of architectural conservation in all of this likewise calls for reassessment, given the discipline's highly ambivalent involvement in the emergence of "new" and "manufactured" old towns both in the past and today, from the Heimatschutz movement to Postmodernism.
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Year of publication: 13. October 2016