Utility of reading — Predictor of reading achievement?

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Authors: Schoor, Cornelia  
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Year of publication: 2019
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Source/Other editions: Ursprünglich in: Learning and individual differences : journal of psychology and education 45 (2016), 1, Seite 151 - 158
Year of first publication: 2016
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DOI: 10.20378/irbo-45933
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Utility value as a subcomponent of expectancy-value models of motivation has been confirmed as a predictor of achievement(-related behavior) in the context of mathematics and science. Research on language-related domains, in contrast, has been scarce, and little is known on how utility value affects reading behavior and achievement. Therefore, the present study aimed at researching the interrelations of utility of reading, other reading motivational constructs, reading achievement and reading behavior. The German dataset of PISA 2009, comprising data of 9461 students of grade 9, was used. Structural equation models show that utility of reading is a motivational factor related to but distinct from self-concept and intrinsic task value, that it is related to reading achievement, and that this relation is mediated by reading behavior. While this indicates a starting point for reading motivation interventions, limitations regarding the assessment of utility of reading and regarding the cross-sectional study design are discussed.
Keywords: Utility value of reading; Reading achievement; Reading motivation; Expectancy-value model of achievement; Reading behavior
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