Ist das merowingische Saocitho identisch mit Sancy-les-Provins (S-et-M)?

Professorship/Faculty: Romance Linguistics  
Author(s): Burdy, Philipp
Publisher Information: Bamberg : opus
Year of publication: 2016
Pages: 7
Source/Other editions: Ursprünglich in: Beiträge zur Namenforschung : Neue Folge / hrsg. von Hans Krahe. - 39 (2004), S. 143 - 149
Year of first publication: 2004
Language(s): German
Licence: German Act on Copyright 
URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:473-opus4-455932
In the article it is shown that the established identification of Merovingian place name Saocitho with Sancy-lès-Provins (S-et-M) is not possible from the phonetic point of view. It might rather be a place name of the salicetum type (> fr. Saussay).
Document Type: Other
Year of publication: 19. January 2016

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