Current Trends in Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Professorship/Faculty: Lehrstuhl für Klinische Psychologie/Psychotherapie
Author(s): Lodwig, Volker; Kulzer, Bernhard ; Schnell, Oliver; Heinemann, Lutz
Pages / Size: S. 390 - 396
Title of the Journal: Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
Language(s): English
ISSN: 1932-2968
Publisher Information: Thousand Oaks, Calif.,
Issue: 8 (2014), 2
Publisher Information: Sage
Year of publication: 2014
The market introduction of systems for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) some 15 years ago did not immediately revolutionize the treatment of diabetes; however, for a given group of patients, it would almost be inconceivable nowadays to imagine life without CGM. One day the development of insulin pumps together with CGM could culminate in an artificial pancreas system. The performance of the glucose sensors used for glucose measurement in the interstitial fluid in the subcutaneous tissue and the algorithms employed to analyze these data have improved so much over the past decade that current CGM systems by far outperform those of the first generations. This commentary discusses a number of aspects about what we have learned since CGM systems entered the market and what current trends exist in their usage. Some of these are major hurdles facing a more widespread usage of CGM.
Keywords: glucose sensors, continuous glucose monitoring, diabetes therapy, artificial pancreas, quality of life
DOI: 10.1177/1932296814525826
Document Type: Article
Release date: 18. August 2015

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