An album of miniatures and illuminations from the bâysonghori manuscript of the Shânâmeh of Ferdowsi : completed in 833 A.H. / A.D. 1430 and preserved in the Imperial Library, Tehran = Un album de miniatures et enluminures du manuscrit bâysonghori du Châhnâmeh de Ferdowsi = Ein Album mit Miniaturen und Illuminationen aus dem bâjsonghor' schen Manuskript des Schâhnâmeh von Ferdousi

Author(s): Fragner, Bert G.
Responsibility: indroduction and commentary by Basil Gray. (Übers. aus dem Engl.:) Bert G. Fragner (S. 47 - 59 (Einleitung), 64 - 106 ( Kommentare))
Publisher Information: Tehran : Central Council of the Celebration of the 2500th Anniversary of the Founding of the Persian Empire by Cyrus the Great
Year of publication: 1971
Pages: 116 ; Illustrationen
Language(s): German
Type: Book
Year of publication: 13. July 2015