National Codes of Landscape in Russian Contemporary Art : (Research Project : Art and Aesthetics of Landscape in the 21st Century International Forum ; Aesthetics and Landscape-Tradition and Modernity)

Faculty/Professorship: Slavic Art and Cultural Studies 
Author(s): Raev, Ada
Title of the Journal: Ritsumeikan-gengo-bunka-kenkyū : = Ritsumeikan studies in language and culture
ISSN: 0915-7816
Corporate Body: Ritsumeikan Daigaku Kokusai Gengo Bunka Kenkyūsho
Publisher Information: Kyōto
Year of publication: 2013
Volume: 25
Issue: 1
Pages: 17-39
Language(s): English
S. 17-31 in japanischer Sprache
Keywords: Russian Landscape painting; cultural and political identity; national stereotypes
Type: Article
Year of publication: 3. March 2014