Including students with special educational needs into large-scale assessments of competencies : Challenges and approaches with the German National Educational Panel Study (NEPS)

Faculty/Professorship: Nationales Bildungspanel (NEPS) ; Empirical Educational Research ; Developmental Psychology  ; Psychological Methods of Educational Research  
Author(s): Heydrich, Jana; Weinert, Sabine  ; Nusser, Lena ; Artelt, Cordula  ; Carstensen, Claus H.  
Title of the Journal: Journal for educational research online : JERO
ISSN: 1866-6671
Publisher Information: Münster : Waxmann
Year of publication: 2013
Volume: 5
Issue: 2
Pages: 217-240
Language(s): English
Type: Article
Year of publication: 10. October 2013