Efficient Calculation of Personalized Document Rankings

Faculty/Professorship: Cultural Informatics  
Author(s): Heß, Claudia; Stein, Klaus  
Title of the compilation: Proceedings of the Twentieth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2007); Hyderabad, India, January 6-12, 2007
Conference: 20th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2007, Hyderabad
Year of publication: 2007
Pages: 2778 - 2783
Language(s): English
URL: http://www.ijcai.org/papers07/Papers/IJCAI07-44...
Type: Conferenceobject
URI: https://fis.uni-bamberg.de/handle/uniba/14715
Year of publication: 24. September 2014