Visibility Analysis on the Web as an Indicator for Public Relations and Marketing Evaluation

Professorship/Faculty: Cultural Informatics  
Authors: Kiefer, Peter; Stein, Klaus  
Title of the compilation: International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Modelling, Control and Automation, 2005 and International Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technologies and Internet Commerce : 28 - 30 Nov. 2005, Vienna, Austria ; CIMCA 2005 jointly with IAWTIC 2005 / sponsored by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society; European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology, EUFLAT [i.e. EUSFLAT]; European Neural Networks [i.e. Network] Society, ENNS ... Ed. by M. Mohammadian. - Los Alamitos, Calif. u.a. - 1. Date: 28-30 Nov. 2005. - 2006. - S. 151 - 157
Year of publication: 2006
Language(s): English
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Release Date: 24. September 2014