Fertility and women's employment reconsidered: A macro-level time- series analysis for developed countries, 1960-2000

Faculty/Professorship: Demography  
Author(s): Engelhardt-Wölfler, Henriette ; Kögel, Tomas; Prskawetz, Alexia
By: Engelhardt, Henriette ; ...
Title of the Journal: Population studies : a journal of demography
ISSN: 0032-4728
Corporate Body: PIC, Population Investigation Committee, London School of Economics and Political Sciences
Publisher Information: Abingdon : Routledge
Year of publication: 2004
Volume: 58
Issue: 1
Pages: 109 - 120
Language(s): English
URL: https://www.demogr.mpg.de/publications/files/67...
Type: Article
URI: https://fis.uni-bamberg.de/handle/uniba/14256
Year of publication: 24. September 2014