Do Personality Traits Influence Brand Related Activities in Social Networks? An Empirical Study

Faculty/Professorship: Sales and Marketing  
Author(s): Rauschnabel, Philipp A. ; Ivens, Björn Sven  ; Mau, Gunnar
Editors: Arnold, Todd J.; Scheer, Lisa K.
Title of the compilation: Marketing in the Socially-Networked World: Challenges of Emerging, Stagnant, and Resurgent Markets; 2012 AMA Educators’ Proceedings
Corporate Body: 2012 AMA Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference
Publisher Information: Chicago, IL : American Marketing Association
Year of publication: 2012
Pages: 139-140
ISBN: 0-87757-350-6
Series ; Volume: American Marketing Association: AMA Summer Educators’ Proceedings ; 23
Language(s): English
Type: Conferenceobject
Year of publication: 2. May 2013