Need for Cognition and differential bottom-up/top-down attention allocation : Abstract

Faculty/Professorship: Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment  
Author(s): Strobel, Alexander; Enge, Sören; Fleischhauer, Monika; Herpertz, Sarah; Strobel, Anja
Editors: Di Blas, Lisa; Carnaghi, Andrea; Ferrante, Donatella; Piccoli, Valentina
Title of the compilation: 16th European Conference on Personality Psychology : Book of Abstracts
Corporate Body: European Conference on Personality, 16, 2012, Trieste
European Association of Personality Psychology
Publisher Information: Università degli Studi di Trieste
Year of publication: 2012
Volume: Trieste
Pages: 57
Language(s): English
Type: Conferenceobject
Year of publication: 8. April 2014