Religion in public and private life: The case of Yaghma-yi Jandaqi (1781- 1859)

Faculty/Professorship: Iranian Studies  
Author(s): Haag-Higuchi, Roxane
Title of the compilation: Religion and society in Qajar Iran : proceedings of the conference held on 4 - 6 September 2000 in Bristol and jointly organised by Bristol University (Department of Theology and Religious Studies), the British Institute of Persian Studies, the Iran Heritage Foundation, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Unversity of Bristol Faculty of Arts
Editors: Gleave, Robert
Publisher Information: London u.a.
Year of publication: 2005
Pages: 195 - 210
Edition: 1
Series ; Volume: Routledge Curzon/BIPS Persian studies series ; 4
Language(s): English
Type: Conferenceobject
Year of publication: 24. September 2014